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T Ciacio    C Gillmon    B Gruber    R Buckley    N Hall    R Reitz    L Shaffer    D Wagner

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Mon Aft Ojai Open: 12-17  12-24  12-31  1-07  1-14  

Tue AM Cam. Open: 12-18  1-08  1-15  

Tue Aft Ventura Novice: 12-18  1-08  1-15  

Tue Aft Ventura Open: 12-18HR 1-08HR 1-15HR

Wed Aft Ventura 49er: 12-19HR 12-26HR 1-02HR 1-09HR 1-16HR

Wed Aft Ven. 0-1500: 12-19HR 12-26HR 1-02HR 1-09HR 1-16HR

Thu Aft 299er Open: 1-10HR

Thu Aft Ventura Open: 12-20HR 12-27HR 1-03HR 1-10HR 1-17HR

Fri Aft Oak View Bridge Club: 12-21  12-21  12-28  1-04  1-11  1-18  

Sat AM 499er Open: 12-29HR 1-12  

Sat AM Sr Cntr Open: 12-29HR 12-29HR 1-05HR 1-12  1-19  

Sun Aft Townehouse Open: 12-16  1-06  1-13  1-20  

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