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Mike Savage on Conventions

Mike Savage has written detailed articles explaining an extensive number of conventions.  He attempts to keep them to 1 page (or 2 at the most).  For those that don't frequent the Regional and North American Bridge Championships (known as Nationals or NABCs) tournaments where they are customarily available, almost all of them are listed below for viewing/printing/downloading.
Be aware, they are intended for serious tournament players.

3-Way Minor Raises   Jacoby & Texas Transfers   Std Puppet & 2 Modern Versions
4-Suit Transfers   Jacoby 2NT   Responsive Doubles
After Partner's DBL of a Weak 1NT   Jacoby 2NT Responses Upgrade placeholder   Roman KeyCard Blackwood
Brozel   Jacoby 2NT Intrfer. Counterattack   Six Key Roman Key-Card
Checkback   Jump Shifts   Run Outs of 1NT Penalty Doubled
Criss-Cross Minor Raises   Kickback Blackwood   placeholder
placeholder   Kokish Cont. after a Balancing 1NT     Scramble after DBL of Stayman 2C
Drury   Krury -- Kirkham's Drury   Smolen
Exclusion Blackwood   Lebensohl   Suction
Flannery   Michaels   placeholder
Flannery Defensive Bidding   Michaels Defensive Bidding   Support Doubles
Forcing 1NT   Michaels in Balancing Seat   Systems On vs Unusual
Garbage Stayman   Michaels Raises   Unusual vs Unusual
placeholder   Mini Roman   placeholder
Hamilton   placeholder   2 Spade Rebid after a 2H Reverse
Hamilton in Balancing Seat   Minor Suit Stayman   2NT after Pard's Weak Jmp to 2H/2S  
Handling Minor Suits over 1NT   Namyats   Weak Twos
Hello   Negative Doubles   Weak 2 Defensive Bidding
Help Suit Game Tries   New Minor Forcing   Wolff Sign Offs
Impossible 2S Rebid by Responder     New Minor Forcing 2-way   X Y Z Basics
Inverted Minors   New Minor Forcing Rebids   X Y Z
Inviting Slam in Opener's Minor   Puppet Stayman a la Romex     Zig-Zag
placeholder   Std Puppet & 1 Modern Version   placeholder

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