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Director's Dialog

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This page is organized in seven (7) major sections:

Laws and Policies  //  ACBLscore  //  Alerts  //  Aids for Directors  
// Movements  //  Available Movements  //  Bridgemate Operation

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Laws and Policies
ACBL 2008 Law Changes (2 pp)  09/08/08     I Pulled the Wrong Card (2 pp)  12/10/16
pending      ---     Opening Lead Out of Turn (2 pp) 11/17/13
Claims (2 pp) 09/05/19     Procedural Violations and Penalties (3 pp)   undated
Common Improprieties (4 pp) 09/03/08     pending        ---
Convention Card 06/03/08     Revoke Procedures and Rectification (3 pp)  12/29/16
Declarer's Options w a Defender's Penalty Card (3 pp)  08/21/19     Stop Card 01/29/19
pending        ---     pending      ---
Director's Role / Proprieties / Mechanics (2 pp)  undated     Unauthorized Information from Alerts  06/05/08
Dummy's Rights and Limitations (3 pp) 07/03/17     Unauthorized Information during Play  06/12/08
Duplicate Bridge is a Timed Event (2 pp) 06/15/11     pending      ---
Enabling the Post-Game Postmortems (1 pg) 04/06/13     pending      ---
Hesitations (6 pp)  08/25/08     Zero Tolerance Policy (3 pp)  undated

Working with ACBLscore (31 pp)   03/31/20
ACBLscore and BM II behind the Scenes (5 pp)  03/26/19     Selecting IMP Pairs Scoring in ACBLscore (1 pg)   08/26/19
ACBLscore Tree Structure (2 pp) 03/26/19     Special Scoring in ACBLscore (3 pp)   01/06/20
Club Setup in ACBLscore (4 pp)   09/29/19     Updating Masterpoints in ACBLscore (3 pp)   01/28/20
Merging Multiple Player Records in ACBLscore (2 pp)   10/01/19     Using a PLINFO File to Update Masterpoints (3 pp)   10/06/19
Pitfalls, Avoidances, Remedies (7 pp)   01/07/20     pending  
Directing a Swiss Teams Game (6 pp)   03/23/20     Pairings for 3 to 7 Teams   03/23/20
Guide to Running Swiss Teams (19 pp)   ?/?/15    

Do I "Alert" or "Announce" or Does My Partner (2 pp)   01/29/19
Failure to Alert / Mistaken Alert (2 pp)   05/15/14
Unauthorized Information from Alerts  06/05/08
All About Alerts (7 pp) 05/15/14
ACBL Alert Regulations (2 pp) 01/01/12

Aids for Directors
ACBL Sanction Fees & Pt Awards (2 pp)   10/10/19     Pickup Slips - 3 Bds   undated 
Bridge Director's Glossary (7 pp)   11/03/19     Pickup Slips - 4 Bds   05/30/19
Bridge Director's Tips (4 pp)   05/30/19     Posting to (5 pp)   05/17/17
Club Monthly Report (3 pp)   03/22/20       Reporting 70%ers & 75%ers  (2 pp) 10/10/19
CommonGame at TBT (2 pp)   12/31/19     Requesting a Member Roster (2 pp)   09/03/19
Convention Charts (22 pp)   11/20/18     STaC Game Registration and Fees (2 pp)   06/24/19
Dealer4 at TBT (4 pp)   12/31/19     STaCs Conditions of Contest (3 pp)   08/01/19
Directing a Swiss Teams Game (6 pp)   03/07/17     TBT Overhead Projector Instructions (3 pp)   01/26/20
FTP (6 pp)   08/12/17     Unit Game Sanctions (1 pg)   10/10/19
Masterpoint Rank Requirements (1 pg)   undated Vulnerability Strip (1 pg)   undated
ACBL Live for Club Directors (2 pp)  01/08/20     Administrative Access to ACBL Live for Clubs (2 pp)  01/08/20

Bump Movements (2 pp)  03/19/19
Editing and Creating Movements (5 pp) 03/13/19
General Movement Recommendations (3 pp)   03/19/19
Installing External Movements (1 pg) 03/18/19
Movement Naming Convention (1 pg) 03/19/19
Movement Selection (2 pp) 03/19/19
Relay & Bye Stand Setup for Mitchell Movements (5 pp)   08/19/19
Web Movement: the Director's Perspective (5 pp)   08/04/19
Director's Web Movement Cheat Sheet (2 pp)   08/04/19
2-Table Home-Style Bridge (9 pp)   12/06/19

Available Movements, Table Mats and/or Guide Cards
Click on a Red movement file name to open a Save File dialog box.
Click on the table mat name to display the downloadable pdf.
Pdf File of
Table Mats
H7NoRovr   H7 NoRover Tbl Mats 6 1/2 tables: everyone plays 24 boards (in 2 stanzas), 2-board sit-out, no rover, no relay. 7 NS switches to EW after round 6. Last round all tables arrow switch. 1-winner movement.
H7Rovr+2   H7 Rover + 2 Tbl Mats 6 1/2 tables: 1-winner H7Rover modified to add 2 bds so everyone plays 24 boards, 2-bd sit-out. Director clones bds 25 & 26 two or preferably 3 times. Dropping (2-bd) round 13 converts to H7Rover.
Ojai 7   Ojai 7 Tbl Mats 7 tables: 1-winner, expanded Mitchell: 7 Tbls, 8 rounds of 3 bds. Bye Stand after Table 3 starts with boards 10-12. Tbl 7 is a pivot table. Last round, all tables arrow switch.
H8Rover   H8 Rover Tbl Mats 7 1/2 table rover with 2 board sit-out. Looks like a 4bds/round 7-table Mitchell. Bumpers bump NS 1st 2 bds; NS returns and EW is bumped 2nd 2 bds.
Bump Mitchell for 9 1/2 tables   9 half Bump Mitchell Tbl Mats 9 1/2 table bump Mitchell: complicated with a bump pair (NS 10) and EWs 6 & 9 exchanging places in rounds 3/6/9. Table mats for tables 2/5/8 are available as are guide cards for NS 10 and EWs 6 & 9.

Laminating 101
To prevent laminated items from fraying at the edges/delaminating, there must be laminate-to-laminate contact beyond each edge/side of the material being laminated. That means each Table Mat and each Guide Card must be cut out and then placed individually inside the laminate pocket with sufficient space between each card to allow each card to have laminate-to-laminate contact around each side. (Approximately 3/16” per side is about right. For items that are next to one another the spacing is 2 x 3/16” = 6/16 =3/8”.)

If you have lots of little pieces to laminate, you can try the trick jewelers use to keep eyeglass screws in place -- apply a little clear nail polish (to the back side) !  This trick will keep each small item from moving as the pocket goes through the laminator.  Now, admittedly, you have to do a Johnny Cash: walk the line between nail polish that's spread too thick and leaves a smudge and nail polish that's spread too thin and doesn't hold the item in place.  Patience, grasshopper.

Bridgemate Operation
Director's Basic Operation of the Bridgemates (8 pp)  06/19/19
ACBLscore and BM II behind the Scenes (5 pp)  03/26/19     Late Entry/Correction of Player #s in the Bridgemate (1 pg) 03/26/19
ACBLscore Tree Structure (2 pp) 03/26/19     Handling a Late Play with the Bridgemates (1 pg) 02/16/20
Correcting a Result in the BCS (1 pg) 03/25/19     Learning the BCS by Experimenting (2 pp)   03/26/19
Entering Player Numbers in the BCS (1 pg)   03/26/19     Pseudo Player Numbers for Non-ACBL Members (1 pg)   05/28/19
Erasing a Result on the Bridgemate & a Possible Consequence (1 pg)  05/21/19     Resetting the BM II and Universal Setup PIN (2 pp)  03/04/20

06/12/08 David Stevenson: Unauthorized Information--during the Play
Unauthorized information during the play may arise from hesitations, a question about a bid, or implications from a penalty card.  Penalty card implications might be that partner wanted to lead that card, or that partner might have a sequence headed by that card.

The method of dealing with unauthorized information (UI) in the play is identical to the method during the bidding.  First, you summon the Director to establish there was UI.  Then, you recall the Director at the end of play to look at the hand.  Make sure that players do NOT shuffle their cards!  The Director needs to consider the play in making a ruling on the result of the UI.

06/05/08 Unit 114 Website: Unauthorized Information--from the Alert System
The alert system is for the benefit of the opponents—it is unauthorized information for you & your partner.  The lack of an alert is also unauthorized information.  Whether your prior bid was alerted or not, your next call should be based on the cards in your hand, the opponents' bidding (at your own risk), partner's earlier bidding and the assumption that partner recognized the meaning of your prior bid.  (Take the opponents' hesitations and discomfort into consideration at your own risk also.)

If you become the declaring side, you--whether dummy or declarer--now have the requirement to inform the opponents before the opening lead of any misexplanations or disagreements.  The defenders may call the director if either (or both) feels their side has been damaged.

If you are defending, wait until play is over and then explain.  If declarer feels damaged, he/she should call the director.

06/03/08 Bob Gruber: Convention Card
The Convention Card is for the benefit of you and your partner before the game begins.  During the auction and during the play of a hand, it is for the benefit of the opponents.  It is forbidden fruit for you or your partner to "sneak a peek" during those times.

As long as it won't slow the game, it's fine for you to personally review and/or discuss your conventions briefly between hands and more extensively between rounds, but limit your reviews to those times.  Additionally, at the table, the card should be turned to be easily read by an opponent, NOT by you.

06/02/08 Dick Wagner: Stop Card
01/29/19 The Stop Card was removed from Duplicate Bridge in 2018.

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