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Joke of the Week
To Look or Not to Look

Click on a Title below to play an AUDIO clip.
Attack on the Taliban (1:50)   Colo-rectal Surgeon (2:03)  

Click on a Title below to play a VIDEO clip.
4 Trunk Monkeys (2:09) Babies and Fathers (1:05) Bad Cat Day (1:10)
Bad Day at the Rodeo (:27) Best DUI Ever (1:55) Bush on Global Warming (3:37) 
Carlsberg Sports Drink (:39)   Copper Clappers (2:48) Cute Security (:44)
Friday vs. Monday (:44) Homeland Security of Yore (:36)  How the Blonde Thing Started (:45)  
Leaf Blower (:16) Leno on Dealing w the Public (6:37)   Momma's Little Helper (:21)
Morning After (:30) New Comm. Technologies (:21) Richard Simmons (6:32)
Sometimes You Have to Dance (1:28)
new entries pending

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A.A.A.D.D. Abbott & Costello in 21st Century  Ads Not Proofread
Advice from Children Aging Gracefully Airline Announcements
Amazing Home Remedies American Soverignty Answers to Bible Test
The Atheist Bagels Bob Hope 1 Liners
Baptist Cowboy Breaking the Silence Bricklaying
Bubba and Jimmy Joe Bumper Stickers for Ladies Buying Gas in Paris
Buying Paint Cake or Bed Car Accident Statements
Career Choices Career Removals Cherokee Chief
Chinese Laundry Church Bulletin Goofs Church Squirrels
Circle of Flies City Boy Contract Bridge Poem
Cowboy Boots & Teacher pending pending
Criminal Law & Cigars Cross-eyed Dog Curing a Fear
Cyanide Deer Tick Alert Definitions
The Devil's Offer Dog Named Sex Double Negative
Doughboy's Obituary Elevator English Language Signs
Excuses for Missing School  Farmer John and His Chicks Favorite Cookies
Favorite Flower Feel Like a Woman The Fence
Five Million Dollar Question Fixing the White House Fence For the Ladies
Forrest Gump Goes to Heaven Four Friends at a Party Gasoline and Sex
Gender of Non-living Things Getting Tough Gifts for Mama
Girls Night Out Golf Shot Challenge Golf on Christmas
Good Better Best Goodbye Daddy Goodbye Mom
Gotta Give Something Up Grandkids Say the Darndest Things Grounds for Divorce
Guessing Your Age Halloween Giggles Health Concern
Health Questions Hickphonics Hollywood Squares
Homework Quiz How Was I Born How many dogs to change a light bulb
How to Clean the House How to Drive in Phoenix How to Properly Place New Employees
How to Save on Train Fare How to Save the Airlines How to Shower
How to Tell Howard Hu is on First
Humor for Lexophiles Husband Store Hymn 365
I Hate My Job Remedy I Owe My Mother I Saw the Light
IRS Audit Idle Thoughts If Women Controlled the World
Instruction Labels Found on Products Irish Tales It's a Sign
Just a Bit o Fun Just a Weeeee Bit The Key
Kids Say the Darndest Things Kids and Dogs Kids and Religion
Kids are Quick King Arthur and the Witch Kiss a Yard
Kissing a Model Kittens Kittens Kittens Klopman Diamond
Last Minute Fishing Trip Last Name Only Last Request
Latest Victim of Ecoli Lawyer Interrogations Lawyer's Advice
Leave a Sample Lena's Car Trouble Let's Pretend
Letter from a Farmer Lie Detector Life Before Computers
Life Lesson Life on an Island Life's Little Ironies
Life's Questions Lines to Make You Smile Lineup
Little Help Please Little Johnny and the Lawnmower Little Known Facts
Living Long Loan Local Bar Sues Local Church
Lone Ranger Looks are Deceiving Lost Chapter of Genesis
Mafia Lawyer Magical Frog Maid Service
Maid's Revenge Martinis Meet Marvin
Men's View Mergers and Acquisitions Message from the Rural Midwest
Middle Aged Stud Mostly Maxine Murphy's Other Laws
Newspaper Headlines No Room at the Inn Odds and Ends
Old Geezers Last Night Out Old People Problems Old People Sense of Humor
Old Timers' Test Older Than Dirt Original Computer
Retirement Discussion Retirement in the Wilds of Alaska Sex Therapy for the Elderly
Sharing a Sleeper Smart Ass Answers Thoughts from Steven Wright
To Look or Not to Look pending pending
new entries pending

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