Ventura Unit Bridge Clubs

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Regularly Scheduled Games   Calendar: Nov-Dec 18 / Jan-Feb / Mar-Apr / May-Jun / Jul-Aug   Tournaments   Classes  

Board Meetings

Monthly Board meetings: 1st Thursday at 11:15 a.m. at Temple Beth Torah.  Members welcome.

Special Games / Events

Calendar: Sep-Oct / Nov-Dec / Jan-Feb 19 / Mar-Apr 19 / May-Jun 19 / Jul-Aug
Game / Event Day Date Notes
NOVICE GAME Tu  every Tu. Talk at noon (in Ventura)  
49ER GAME We  every Wed. (in Ventura) 
0-1500 PAIRS We  every Wed.  (in Ventura) 
Bridge Chat Game Sa 1st & 3rd Sat.  850 Johnson Dr. Ventura 
North American Pairs (Temple) Tu Jul 02  
NO GAME - 4th of JULY Th Jul 04  
D22/D23 STAC (OJAI) Mo Jul 08  
D22/D23 STAC (Temple) Tu Jul 09  
D22/D23 STAC (Temple) We Jul 10  
D22/D23 STAC (Temple) Th Jul 11  
D22/D23 STAC (OJAI) Fr Jul 12  
D22/D23 STAC (Camarillo) Sa Jul 13  
D22/D23 STAC (Townehouse) Su Jul 14  
Club Championship (Camarillo) Tu Jul 16  
North American Pairs (Temple) We Jul 24  
North American Pairs (Temple) Th Jul 25  
Unit Championship (Ojai) Fr Jul 26  
Club Championship (Temple) Tu Jul 30  
Club Championship (Camarillo) Sa Aug 03  
Club Championship (Ojai) Mo Aug 05  
North American Pairs (Temple) Tu Aug 06  
North American Pairs (Temple) We Aug 07  
Sports Mania Theme Game (Camarillo) Sa Aug 10  
North American Pairs (Temple) Th Aug 15  
Great Western STAC (OJAI) Mo Aug 19  
Great Western STAC (Temple / PV) Tu Aug 20  
Great Western STAC (Temple) We Aug 21  
Great Western STAC (Temple) Th Aug 22  
Great Western STAC (OJAI) Fr Aug 23  
Great Western STAC (Camarillo) Sa Aug 24  
Great Western STAC (Townehouse) Su Aug 25  
Club Championship (Temple) We Aug 28  
IMP Pairs (Temple) Th Aug 29  

* Card fees are $6.00
** (805) 216-9922 /

BAM = Board-A-Match
Club Appreciation = 81.8% Sectional rating (triple points), October only, no extra ACBL charges
Club Championship = 63.6% Sectional rating (double points), no extra ACBL charge
Club Membership = 100% Sectional rating (triple points), 1 per year, no extra ACBL charge
GNT = Grand National Teams (half red, half black) 81.8% Sectional rating (triple points)
†† IMP = International MatchPoints
††† NAP = North American Pairs (half red, half black) 81.8% Sectional rating (triple points)
†††† STaC = Sectional Tournament at Clubs-->Sectional rated Silver point awards
TBA = To Be Announced
TBD = To Be Determined
TBT = Temple Beth Torah
Unit Championship = 63.6% Sectional rating (points x 2 1/2)