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3 Dogs 5 Minute Management Course  Bear Remover
Body Builder & the Blonde Calling All Dog Lovers Celibacy Test
Donald & Daisy at a Hotel Dave the Hen Devil Made Me Send This 
Donkey Racing Found in a History Book The Gift
Grandma's Bumper Sticker How to Save the Airlines How to Shower
Importance of Good Instructions  In the Beginning Is Anybody Home
Law as it Should Be Maid Service Meet Marvin
Message from Osama Metrics for Measuring Work Mgr Adaptability Eval
Norske Firefighters Octo-Slam Breakfast Payback
Sportsman's Double Talking Clock Unsuccessful Date
Vicar's Chickens
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Arm Wrestling (:31) Bud Bottle Opener (:30) Centrum Silver (:30)
Chicklets (:55) CSI (:50) Dig Me Up (1:19)
Emergency Landing (2:27)  Honey I'm Home (:45) Marbles (1:17)
Momma Is Santa (:47) Police Answering Machine (1:14)  The Purse (:45)
Smart Woman (1:05) Son Wants to Dance Ballet (:58) Why Airlines Have Pillows (:46) 
new entries pending

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